Xmas Gift Ideas: Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Smaller Budgets

Some people think that Christmas shopping for gifts on a small budget means they have to get everyone on their list the tackiest, cheapest looking gift available. There’s certainly a lot of junk being sold around Christmastime that caters to smaller budgets. However, just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

With some thought and preplanning, you can actually find many inexpensive gift ideas that will make your recipients happy, as well as, your wallet. The first thing you want to think about is the people on your list. What types of items do they like?

Do they have any special hobbies or interests?

Most people do. If you know something about them, then you know that there’s something that they really enjoy doing. Making Great Wine E-BookIt could be eating, it could be exercising, it could be knitting, it could be watching their favorite show on TV, it could be baking, it could be telling jokes, it could be growing fresh vegetables in their home garden, etc.

Let’s take these examples and see what kind of gift ideas we can come up with that are cheap, but very thoughtful.

Gift Recipient #1 – he’s a food lover and enjoys chowing down on typical American style food. He loves steak and potatoes, fish and shrimp and has a sweet tooth for pies and cakes. A $15 – $20 gift certificate to a restaurant that serves his favorite food is a good choice. You could pick up a cake, pie or box of cupcakes at your local bakery. A $10 gift certificate from his local grocery store allows him to buy whatever he wants.

Gift Recipient #2 – she enjoys working out at home and has several pieces of exercise equipment and lots of workout DVDs. You could get her an environmentally friendly water bottle, a mini massager for tired muscles, a pedometer to measure walking steps or a CD with great dance music for her workouts.

Gift Recipient #3 – she’s a person who loves to bake all kinds of homemade goodies. She’s probably already got all kinds of bigger cooking gadgets, so focus on smaller things. You could get her a nice mixing bowl set, a cooking timer in a unique shape or an illustrated cookbook about baking a specific type of food.

Eviltron coin sized noise deviceGift Recipient #4 – he loves telling corny jokes. Anything that makes this guy laugh is a good choice. A book of 101 jokes, a book on how to be a stand up comic, a 365 day humorous desk calendar or a DVD featuring his favorite comedian.

Gift Recipient #5 – she has a home garden and loves growing her own fresh tomatoes and other fresh vegetables. She may like a book of gardening tips, a gardening bucket or tool set or gardening knee pads.

Gift Recipient #6 – he’s hooked on a couple of popular TV shows. You can get him a DVD set of his favorite show, a t-shirt from his favorite show, a poster featuring a favorite show or snacks to munch on while watching the show.

Gift Recipient #7 – she loves to knit sweaters, scarves and blankets for friends and family. She would love reams of knitting yarn in various colors, knitting pattern books or a knitting needle kit.

As the above examples prove, an inexpensive gift can also be a special gift that the recipient really appreciates and will also enjoy using.

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Online gift ideas to send across the miles

For those with gifts to send to friends and family across the miles of land or sea, the delivery costs can add up quickly. Christmas Snowman CardAn easy solution is to send gifts online via email for them to order the product of their choice when they want it. One of these online gift ideas is from Amazon.

An  instant gift card can be given by either printing it or emailing it to the person for them to purchase any Amazon products they want. Gift card values start from $5 with multiple cards able to be ordered at the same time.Happy Holidays CardChristmas Tree Card

With 25 different card images to choose from, finding the right card to suit the person is made easy. This includes other than just Christmas themes to include most gift giving events from Christmas, Birthdays, and Congratulations through to Father or Mothers Day and Valentine gift ideas.

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Christmas is looming for gift buying

With Christmas a mere three months away if you haven’t already thought about it, now is the time to start sorting out those gifts to avoid the bedlam at the shops looming on the horizon. Getting the bargain gifts that are just right for that special someone in your life is not easy, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Finding a suitable gift under $10 is made all that harder with shop prices being over inflated for the rush, isn’t it strange how there are all those sales the day after Santa has made his deliveries. The alternatives include a search online for ideas, products and services to buy for our loved ones. GiftsUnder10.net offer a selection of some economical ways to give without breaking the bank balance too much.

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Kids Learn to Draw E-Book

Building the artist in your children could start these holidays with How to Draw – For Kids and lead to some quiet times while they explore their creative side. All of the instructions have been created with friendly illustrations that are fun and easy to follow making it an easy step to get started.

The easy steps in this book allow anyone to learn how to draw eight different animals a duck, teddy bear, frog, dinosaur, dog, bird, rabbit, and a turtle. Your kids can learn how to draw people sitting, jumping, standing, and walking, and also learn how to draw different expressions for your people.
Draw a duck in 8 easy stepsWhen your kids  have quickly mastered the drawings included in this eBook, they will have gained an interesting skill that they can use for the rest of their
lives — knowing how to break down the shapes around them into easily
manageable pieces.

This learn to draw eBook has been selling online for eight years. It’s 39 pages packed with step by step instructions and information on color, and color mixtures is also included.

Kids learn to draw E-Book

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Printable Kids Christmas Activities

As Christmas gets closer children get more and more excited!

So… why not use that excitement to motivate kids to learn. You can provide children with quality Christmas activities and Christmas games that will get them playing, laughing, learning and thinking.Xmas tree maze

Keeping kids happy and busy at Christmas is easy if you have the right activities to give them. With these colorful, fun and educational Christmas worksheets and Christmas games, kids will think that it’s Christmas day already.

Kids Christmas Activities gives kids hours and hours of good, old fashioned TV free fun!

Just click and print for Christmas Mazes, Puzzles, Games, Coloring Sheets, Word Puzzles, Sudokus, Cards, Bookmarks and more…

Xmas Pathway Game Get them doing Christmas Word Puzzles, Christmas Math Worksheets, Christmas Writing Activities, Christmas Writing Templates, Christmas Mazes, Christmas Cards to make, Christmas Bookmarks to print, Christmas Coloring Sheets and Christmas Kids Games to print and play.

Imagine having all of the fun Kids Christmas Activities and Christmas Kids Games that you want – right at your fingertips.

You don’t need to spend hours searching the internet, looking for what you want and you don’t need to spend your precious time making your own activities.

Best of all these are educational Christmas activities for children and educational Christmas games and puzzles, so while kids have fun they are also learning.

Kids Printable Xmas Activities

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Cheap Christmas Gifts For Best Friends

So you have no money this Christmas, but you want to get your best friend a great present-no problem. Here are great ideas for cheap Christmas gifts that you can give to your best friend and they will be very memorable.

You best friend is someone special and you want to get them a gift for Christmas that shows how much you care. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. There are lots of ideas for inexpensive gifts that be very special. You just need to be creative.

What is most important for a special best friend gift is that it comes from the heart and the thought and effort put into the gift. All of these things do not have to cost a lot.

The other factor that is important is that you know your best friend. You have to know what they like and who they are. The gift will be something that will be suiting and fit them.

So given all that here are some great suggestions for inexpensive Christmas gifts for best friends:

* A famed picture of something special to them or of the you and your friend together in a memorable event. Consider also a collage pictures that all work together in a suitable frame.
* A decorated Journal with the first entry a personal heartfelt message from the best friend.
* A large coffee mug filled with special coffee.
* A large tea cup loaded with special teas.
* Special pens and stationary or writing pads.
* Homemade brownies, cookies, candy bread-whatever is special to the best friend.
* A basket filled with fruit, cheese and deli meats.
* A tote with makeup you know your best friend loves.
* Make a mix CD of your best friend’s favorite music.
* Cute pajamas.
* Name necklace, bracelet or anklet.
* A variety of colorful nail polishes.
* Fill a basket with great smelling bath soaps, salts and lotions.
* A good book or two and magazines and reading light for the best friend that likes to read.

Make sure the gift is wrapped and highlighted with ribbons and or lace and beautiful paper that all enhance the statement you want to make. You might also want to include a note that tells you best friend how much they mean to you. Put some thought into the gift and keep in mind what your best friend likes and your gift is sure to be a hit.

If you and your best friend are up for a few laughs this Christmas, here is a really funny stocking stuffer idea you may want to take a look at: http://www.RacingGrannies.com. Take a look soon before these Racing Grannies are no longer available.

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